Your guidelines deserve much more than cumbersome alerts

Empower a smarter, faster organization by placing your pathways and protocols on every clinician's screen before, during, and after order placement

Seamless, because doctors yearn for fewer clicks

Without leaving the EHR, your clinicians have access to your latest protocols, dosage guidelines, and order sets. As a quick-win starting point, AgileMD can be integrated using the URL-based, context-aware information button specified in HL7 – for use with Epic, AthenaHealth, Cerner, DrChrono, and many other systems. This integration can be deepened using our internal SNOMED-tagging and relevancy-scored search metrics associated with each guideline.

Our most popular integration uses Epic's HL7 Clinical Knowledge Base (ClinKB) to load the most relevant clinical references and protocols based on existing patient chart data. Common use-cases include…

  • Directly accessing files based on active patient data
  • Automatically searching for best-practice guidelines
  • Displaying policies, procedures, and guidelines from your hospital or clinic intranet within your EHR

Your gateway to a vibrant learning organization

Connect your clinical informatics and predictive analytics with the capability to personalize care recommendations. AgileMD equips your clinicians with the tools necessary to apply data-driven best practices while providing your quality team a foundation for measuring process metrics and analyzing causal effect on outcomes. In the end, this feedback cycle allows you to drive organizational process improvement and clinical transformation.

Secure, pragmatic, built to the toughest CIO standards

The core of our EHR-integration is an IE7+ compliant web application which enforces strict network encryption. All guideline data is stored behind multiple layers of protection with advanced audit logging and monitoring services. Our technical team has worked with many IT departments' quality control processes around the world and is ready to collaborate with your IT team to configure the right security framework.

Our environment can support personal health information (PHI) or HIPAA-sensitive data, though in many cases patient data is not required. This design choice significantly reduces the burden on your IT department during the technology evaluation period. Then, when your team is ready to begin placing orders through your AgileMD guidelines, we can extend HIPAA-compliance via our PHI vault to all data transferred between us.

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